What Can I Put in a Skip Bin, and What is Prohibited?

Knowing how to properly dispose of waste is more important now than perhaps ever before. Growing environmental problems worldwide such as e-waste, packed landfills, and damage to natural habitats from dangerous chemicals leaching into soil and groundwater mean that everyone should be doing their part to comply with waste disposal regulations.

Whether you’ve just requisitioned a skip bin or you’re planning to, it’s always best to know what is permitted inside and what’s prohibited.

What Can I Put in a Skip Bin?

The short answer is: pretty much anything. Garden waste, household rubbish and waste, white goods, furniture, metals, plastics, sand and soil, foam, plasterboard, and much, much more can simply be tossed into your Xcel Skip Bin and you can call it a day.

Since every Council in Victoria has its own regulations regarding what can and can’t be tossed into your typical household rubbish or recycling bin, knowing how to dispose of certain items can be tricky.

For example, e-waste such as electronics and hard drives can no longer be tossed into the refuse in an effort to reduce the environmental impacts that e-waste poses worldwide.

When you’re dealing with a substantial amount of waste from your commercial activity or from home renovations, for example, it’s much easier to simply hire a skip and not worry too much about what’s going inside of it, with some exceptions.

What Can I NOT Put in a Skip Bin?

First and foremost, enquire with your local Council if you’re dealing with hazardous chemical materials. They should never be disposed of in normal household waste bins and they shouldn’t go into skip bins, either.

Xcel Bin Hire does not accept the following in skip bins: solvents, acids, paints, oils, grease traps, or laboratory waste. Furthermore, the following materials should never go in a skip bin or household waste bin: asbestos, fibreglass roof sheeting, compressed and non-compressed fibro, gas bottles/containers, fire extinguishers, old insulation.

In brief, if you’re unsure about the nature of materials from demolitions, it’s best that you let a qualified demolitions company handle the job altogether. Xcel Bin Hire provides demolitions removal services to help you stay safe and reassured that any potentially hazardous materials are handled appropriately.

Load It Up, But Not Too Much

Aside from toxic chemicals and hazardous materials as listed above, feel free to toss it in an Xcel Skip and we’ll take care of the rest, permits, collection, and all.

We recommend that our valued customers fill up the skip bin to the edges, without going over. Keep in mind that the skip will have to travel, perhaps over a motorway at high velocities, so overfilling can lead to spillage or items cause tremendous damage. Play it safe and don’t overfill the skip. Enquire with us about your desired skip size and we will find a bin that accommodates your needs and collect it when you need it out of sight and out of mind.

Xcel Bin Hire

Whether you’re decluttering your home or business or are going through renovations or demolitions work, it’s imperative that you’ve got a way to keep the job tidy and get bulky waste out of the way. Enquire about our skip bin rentals at Xcel Bin Hire today and we’ll arrange for a prompt delivery.