This depends on size of bin and waste type.

Enquire online or by phone and we will offer you the best possible price to meet your needs.

You can keep the bin between 2-5 days. If the bin is needed longer we can discuss this at time of booking.

Depending of the type of waste and how much you have, we can usually advise you the size you need.

The most common size used for households is 6 cubic meters.

24hrs is usually required, however same day delivery can be accommodated if required.

The bin can normally be placed in your driveway depending on the width. We can discuss this with you over the phone when the bin is ordered.

Bins should be filled higher to the top of each side though not edges. Waste should be placed to prevent overflow while the bin is in transit.

Hazardous chemicals are not permitted in the bins. You will need to contact your local council.

These include Solvents, Paints, Acids, Laboratory Waste, Oils, Grease traps etc.

XCEL Bin Hire


…they delivered a 6 metre skip bin within a couple hours!
Thanks a lot
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